Ryan Reynolds Muscle

Ryan Reynolds looks bigger than you’ve ever seen him before in the latest promotional video for the Free Guy movie. Don’t worry, he’s not been hitting the gym and consuming thousands of calories per day, this is of course a CGI effect using a body double.

This is all to do with the new movie called “Free Guy”, where Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a bank teller (called Guy) who realises he is just a background character in an open-world video game.  This realisation makes him become self aware in the game, and he ends up becoming the hero.

The game developers take steps to bring him down, and introduce a new character simply called “Dude”. He is like guy, but much bigger, and with a slightly under-developed persona!

Aaron Reed – Dude body actor

Ryan Reynolds production company “Maximum Effort” created a interview style promo video which has really caught the attention of a lot of his fans. The body is actually real,  and the body actor is professional bodybuilder Aaron Reed, known as one of the world’s tallest bodybuilders, at a staggering 6’7″ and 295 lbs. Aaron is also an ex-WWE wrestler known as Lift Sawyer, and the author of a book called the SuperNatural Lifestyle.

Dude quotes

The video above shows some clips from the promo video as a YouTube Shorts video, but the full promotional video has some really funny lines in it, as you would expect from Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds. Some of my favourite quotes include:

  • Life is about growth… hormones.
  • I start every day with a protein bomb. It’s made exclusively of human muscle. It’s completely organic. And Illegal.
  • I actually fathered our youngest daughter when I was this muscular. The child was born full grown, and wearing shoes.

Free Guy is released in theaters on 13th August 2021. Make sure you check out the “dude”.