In my latest video, I to provide insights into the Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson boxing match, as well as giving my prediction on the winner of the fight. Make sure you comment on the video below with who you think is going to win, and how!

Eddie and Thor latest

So Hafthor Bjornsson just successfully lifted a 501kg deadlift, beating Eddie Hall’s world record of 500kg. Almost immediately after, Eddie released a video congratulating Thor but also challenging him to a boxing match; something that has been in the pipeline for quite a long time.


Eddie and Thor Beef

Now as I understand it, Eddie and Thor used to be relatively friendly as competitors of World’s Strongest Man. However, when Eddie beat Thor in the 2017 world’s strongest man, apparently afterwards, Thor accused him of cheating. He’s never apologised for or retracted his statement, and this seems to be where their disagreement originated.


Eddie and Thor boxing match details

Both athletes have now signed contracts with CORE Sports for what I understand is a seven figure paycheck for both of them. There is no date confirmed for the fight yet, but it’s most likely to take place in 2021.


Eddie Hall boxing experience

In terms of experience, there are videos of both athletes boxing in the past. Eddie perhaps has the most experience from what I’ve seen.

In 2012 he took part in a charity boxing match, which was 3 x 2 minute rounds. There were a few things that stood out to me in that event – the first was that Eddie is surprisingly nimble and agile for someone of his size.  

Additionally, if anyone has ever fought or sparred before, you know how even the fittest individuals will find it very physically taxing, which is why you may have heard the expression “the difference between being fit and fighting fit”. 

Although Eddie was clearly gassing out towards the end of the fight, I thought he did very well which would be encouraging with the right preparation.

Next his technique was very rough and ready, and was relying on his raw power to get him through the fight.

Finally, he was relatively easy to hit. In particular his head movement was probably his biggest defensive weakness.

However since that fight, there have been lots of other videos of him training in boxing, including recent footage of him training with fellow Stokie and ex-professional boxing champion Scott Lawton.

Eddie has already slimmed down quite a lot from his World’s Strongest Man physique, and I expect he will slim down much more so he’s not carrying so much weight around on fight night.


Hafthor Bjornsson boxing experience

Looking at Thor, he is currently absolutely huge after just pulling the 501kg deadlift, so no doubt he will use the long prep time to also reduce his weight considerably.

From a fight experience perspective, there was the viral footage of him sparring with Conor McGregor a few years ago, which while cool as a publicity stunt, doesn’t really tell us anything about his fighting skills.

There is some quite old footage of him sparring however, which does provide some interesting insights. Again I was surprised by the agility of someone so large, and his overall fitness.

He was very aggressive coming forwards, but like Eddie very reliant on raw power and strength over technique. 

Defensively again he lacked a lot of head movement so was hit a lot, and even started looking away to avoid punches, and using his size to hold his opponent at arms length.

Apparently he is taking the fight extremely seriously, and started training for the fight the day after breaking the deadlift world record.


Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Bjornsson fight prediction

I’m not sure how authentic the beef is between Eddie and Thor, but kudos for generating the interest and getting a big money event. In terms of my prediction for who I think will win, these are the factors that I think will have the biggest impact.

  1.  Size difference
    1. Hafthor is literally a “man mountain” – and has a huge height, weight and reach advantage over Eddie. Overall weight could also be a disadvantage if the fight goes on for a long time.
  2.  Conditioning
    1. Most people are expecting them to both gas out fairly early, so however has the best conditioning to fight through the whole fight will have a big advantage
  3.  Defence
    1. Most people can get in a ring and throw a punch, but defence and head movement are much harder skills to learn. Being able to hit and not get hit is even more important when dealing with two power houses like Eddie and Thor.
  4.  Technique
    1. Technique is important not just for the delivery of power and landing your shots, but also for energy conservation. Throwing arm punches and relying on power alone can be really draining.
  5.  Fight duration
    1. These guys will likely fight best in short, explosive bursts. The longer the fight goes, the harder it will be for both of them. The length of the rounds and the total number of rounds in the fight, will make a massive difference to their approach.

The worst case scenario for this fight is that they both go out trying to knock each other’s heads off, gas quickly and end up largely inactive after the first round, ending up in a dull affair.

The best case scenario will be a stoppage by the referee. The kind of clubbing shots I’m expecting to see from them are less likely to result in someone being knocked out cold; generally those types of KO come from clean, accurate shots landing via counter shot or great technique. Of course either one has the power to land a one punch KO, I just think it’s unlikely to happen. 

I think the person who is most likely to win, is whoever has the best strategy that they can stick to. If they come out guns blazing in the first round and don’t get the KO, they’re going to be gassed out for the rest of the fight. If they have an intelligent game plan that they can stick to on the night, they’re more likely to come out on top.

Despite the size difference, I currently favour Eddie to win. My opinion may change as we get closer to the event, but from the information I have and what I’ve seen so far, I think Eddie edges it in my opinion. 

Let me know in the comments below – who do you think will win and how?