Best tasting protein bar review

I recently had the opportunity to work with Warrior Supplements, specifically around their Warrior Crunch protein bar range. Now the first time I tried this protein bar, I was completely blown away because to me, it actually tasted like confectionery rather than a fitness product. I created the video below to investigate what factors make the best tasting protein bar.

Warrior Crunch – The best tasting protein bars


Evolution of protein bars

What I find really interesting is how much protein bars have evolved over time. My first protein bar experience involved something that resembled a masonry brick, tasted like a faux chocolate flavoured piece of chalk, and would be a serious workout for your jaw. As such it was something that was endured rather than enjoyed. Now of course, the fitness industry is huge and extremely competitive with more brands than there has ever been. As such the standards for a “good” protein bar are much higher, so it has to not only be healthy, but it has to taste good too.

Multi-textured bar

Speaking directly with Kieran Fisher, the owner of KBF Enterprises which houses brands including Warrior Supplements and Body Building Warehouse, he pointed out that taste is a combination of lots of different factors. This is it’s sweetness profile, how salty it is and even the “mouth feel”. Part of what makes the Warrior Crunch bars so tasty is the multi-textured consistency. Historically protein bars have always been a single texture extruded bar, but the Warrior Crunch bar is made of three different contrasting layers. This not only contributes to the satisfying mouth feel, but makes it seem more like “real” confectionery.

The candy bar experience

One of the things Kieran talked about was the “candy bar experience”. Because protein bars are becoming so tasty, gym goers and even the general public are now eating protein bars as a substitute for sweets. Now protein bars aren’t as good for you as “real food”, and often they contain a lot of sweeteners and ingredients that you might otherwise choose to avoid. However if you can use them as a tool to help you adhere to your diet to satisfy a sugar craving, this is a powerful thing.

Protein bar taste test

With it tasting so similar to real confectionery, I wanted to know if I could pass them off as real sweets. Most people were on to what I was doing, so I tested them on my kids. The were impressed, particularly with the Warrior Crunch Salted Caramel flavour, and I think they were surprised when I told them it was actually a protein bar (they knew something was up when I was filming them!).

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If you haven’t tried Warrior Crunch bars before, then I highly recommend them. You can buy them from Body Building Warehouse using the link below, and I can even get you 10% off your first order using the referral code 11341561. If you try them, let me know what you think!