The Rock is back in the role of Luke Hobbs in the upcoming Fast & Furious spin off movie, Hobbs and Shaw. For anyone who has seen the trailer or promotional photos, it’s clear that the Rock is in the best condition he’s ever been in, measuring at a lean 260 lbs / 120 kg.

The Rock and long term strength and conditioning trainer Dave Rienzi, set out with the goal of creating a Hobbs 2.0 physique for the movie, and designed an intense 18-week workout and diet plan. The Rock praises Dave Rienzi’s experience in understanding the nuances of his career and schedule, as the plan had to work around filming schedules, press tours, travel obligations and much more, even taking into account disturbed sleep from his one year old baby.

To be able stick to this program for 18 weeks requires a huge amount of self motivation and control, which is why Dave Rienzi has described the Rock as one of the most disciplined people on the planet.

The Rock’s Hobbs and Shaw Workout

Although the Rock has shared his Hobbs and Shaw workout routines with different fitness publications, this are probably simplified versions of what he actually does. What separates his workouts from mere mortals, is the intensity and focus – he always aims to be the hardest worker in the room.

As someone that has suffered a lot of serious injuries throughout his career, the Rock typically spends anywhere between 25-30 minutes warming up before an intense workout to ensure he’s completely focused. This involves bodyweight work, using resistance bands, dynamic stretching, foam rolling and working with light weights.

For the workout split, The Rock likes to follow a similar training pattern to bodybuilders, focusing on specific muscle groups for each training day. Workouts are split into individual back, chest, legs, shoulders and arm sessions, but sometimes bigger muscle groups are combined with smaller ones, such as back and biceps and chest and triceps. Each exercise typically includes 4 sets of 12 reps combined with 60-90 seconds rest, and he will use a variety of tempos and range of motion. The focus is on form, mind muscle connection and time under tension. The workouts include lots of volume and isolation work, designed to hit major muscle groups from every angle.

The Rock is also known to be a big fan of cables, and extending sets by switching grip positions or performing supersets by reducing the weight. He uses chains to increase intensity on movements like squats, and to quickly reduce weight where needed for movements like lunges. It’s also an easy way to add weight on movements like dips.

The Rock’s Hobbs and Shaw Diet

When it comes to diet, an intense 18-week training plan needs an appropriate nutrition plan. For this program, The Rock said he was eating 6,000 calories per day split into 5-7 meals, made up of huge amounts of protein, high carbs and low fat.

Generally speaking each meal is plain and simple, consisting of a protein source such as chicken, buffalo, beef or white fish combined with rice or potatoes as a carb source, and lots of veggies. Depending on how he’s feeling and performing, his macro nutrient ratio will adjusted as required. For example he might have a day with a higher fat intake, as demonstrated with this huge Rib Eye steak.

The Rock is known for his cheat meals, which historically have consisted of pancakes. However for his Hobbs & Shaw preparation this was changed to sushi and cookies. Although the Rock eats lots of carbs, he will carb deplete ahead of filming shirtless scenes for an extra lean appearance.

Hobbs and Shaw Release Date

The Hobbs and Shaw movie is due for release on the 2nd August 2019, add already there are plans for more movies in the franchise. It will be interesting to see if the Rock can keep building on his physique for these future movies.