I recently had the opportunity to film a behind the scenes photoshoot for my wife, which involved a dancer that had recently graduated from LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts). We had scouted a few different locations, and settled on an old Victorian Mill that had been renovated and converted into a photo studio while keeping most of the original features. From a photography/video perspective, it was a dream location with huge amounts of open space, tons of natural light from the large windows and lots of texture and contrast for some really stylish shots.

My wife had a series of specific shots that she wanted to capture; I was really documenting everything from behind the scenes, but worked with the dancer to capture some specific footage of my own. This included a range of dynamic action shots, some of which were filmed at 120 fps to enable me to create some really pleasing speed ramps and slow motion video in the editing. Although I didn’t have a specific plan in mind, I created a short video of the footage as a mini dance showreel. I’m pleased with how it came out, you can view it here:


For this particular shoot, I only used a really simple setup. It was filmed with my Sony A7iii with the 24-70mm lens, and stabilised on my DJI Ronin-S. To see all the equipment used and my full arsenal of kit, check out my Amazon store.

My Camera Equipment

Although we have lots of lighting, and the studio also had lights that we could use, we just decided to use the natural light from the windows which created a nice tone and moody style!