After seeing some recent photos of Henry Cavill looking absolutely huge, I had to do some digging and find out more. It turns out these photos were taken at a gym in Budapest, during Henry Cavill’s preparation to play Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Netflix series of The Witcher. The Witcher is a popular book series, which is well known for it’s adaptation of the computer games. I continued to do some more research and put together a video, which also includes an overview of the progression of Henry Cavill’s physique. This started from his days at school when he was known as “fat Cavill”, to his appearance in The Tudors, and when he was first seen with a great physique as Theseus in the movie Immortals. More recently he has been in fantastic shape for the Superman movies and Mission Impossible.

When he first started to noticeably improve his physique he was working with Mark Twight from Gym Jones. Recent social media updates seemed to indicate he was now working with Dave Rienzi (strength coach to Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock), and he included a few posts where he clearly be seen inside the Rienzi Strength and Conditioning Facility in Florida. However following this video, it seems that he is in fact still working with Mark Twight. The connection with Dave Rienzi is probably related to the fact that his agent is Dany Garcia, who is the wife of Dave Rienzi.

Regardless of his trainer, Henry Cavill is looking really huge with some massive development in his arms, deltoids and overall musculature. This has raised a few questions as Geralt from The Witcher doesn’t have a bodybuilders physique, but in my opinion he looks great. I’m really interested in seeing the The Witcher series when it is released on Netflix at the end of 2019.