I’ve always enjoyed playing video games. As a child of the 80’s, I have fond memories of playing Atari games, before upgrading to a Sega Master System and then a Mega Drive. I also used to love Arcade machines, and I used to drive my parents crazy dragging them into the amusements so I could play some wonderful 8-bit game. However as I’ve got older, and my free time is now focused around parenting, being a husband, fitness and creating videos… I’ve slowly stopped playing games.

In fact I was quite shocked when I realised I last bought a video game back in 2011, for the release of EA Sports Fight Night Champion on the Playstation 3. However my son is now at the age where “gaming is life”, and so I’ve been enjoying boding with him over some games on the Playstation 4. But everything changed when one day he said “wouldn’t it be great, if we could both play Fortnite AT THE SAME TIME”. This started a journey of gaming that I thought I had left behind years ago.

I have a pretty good laptop – it’s a DELL XPS15 – which I invested in just over 12 months ago so that I could easily edit 4k videos while on the move. I had never really considered that it would be good for playing games, but it seems to handle Fortnite really easily. Before I knew it, my son and I were playing Duo and Squad games online together at the same time.

Things took a turn however when I started playing the game when my son was in bed, in a bid to get better at the game. This had a big impact on my life, and looking back at the last 30 days I can see exactly what happened as a result. I don’t want to spoil the outcome, but if you watch the video above then all will be revealed!