It’s been a while since I’ve completed an Obstacle Course Race; I’ve gone from averaging 3 events per year to now just a single annual event. Although I initially found them great fun, after competing in them for nearly 4 years they lost some of their shine, and in some cases felt a bit repetitive. However the X-Runner Water Wipeout looked interesting; it was held at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, and it looked like it had some fairly unique aspects and obstacles on the course. I have been doing X-Runners for years, and have completed the Winter Warrior, the Wild Warrior, the Wild Mud Run; however I had never seen the Water Wipeout before.

One big difference about the Water Wipeout is that it was held in July, which means glorious weather! This is a stark contrast from the first obstacle course race I completed which was in the month of January (and even I found it cold!). Not only was the weather warm, but because there was a prolonged heat wave, it was ROASTING. We were all sweating just being stood at the entrance prior to doing any running or climbing.

The hot weather also meant that there wasn’t really any mud. Normally X-Runner involves waist deep swamps that you need to wade through. This is normally the most physically taxing part of the course, but this year the trenches were completely dry so you could just run straight over them. Additionally, the standard fire jump was also inactive as I’m guessing they didn’t want to risk a spreading fire on the dry ground.

The best part of the course however, was the “river rapids” as we called them.  Essentially it was a white water section which I’m guessing is normally used for kayaking etc, but we got to swim through it with life vests on which was fantastic fun.

X-Runner Water Wipeout 2018 – Video

Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to vlog the day and film the course with my trusty GoPro’s. The video below shows the highlights from the day as well as a vlog of our journey there. Out of all the obstacle course races I’ve filmed, this is actually my favourite edit so I hope you like it!