I have wanted to visit Iceland for a long time. It’s a beautiful country, and I my body is designed for cold weather! It’s a novelty for me to be able to wear a big coat, gloves and a hat because even in the UK I’m always too hot. Because Iceland is so beautiful, it’s also perfect for videographers and photographers like my wife and I, so this was a dream trip we wanted to go, and of course I vlogged most of the experience which you can see below.


Unfortunately, our trip was much shorter than anticipated. Due to a hurricane there was a 5 hour delay before we could set off, and once we finally landed in Iceland we had to stay on the plane for a further 2 hours before we were allowed to leave. As such, our estimated arrival time of 3pm at the hotel ended up being 12:30am in the morning, so we only had 2 days to cram as much in as we could.



We were staying at the Foss Hotel in Reykjavik, and we had a little bit of time on the first morning to go out and explore. Apparently there had been heavy snow a few days before our arrival, but they had experienced a large amount of rain during the hurricane which had washed most of it away. We took a trip down to the coast where there were different sculptures. The weather was so variable, it could change from blue skies to dark and hailing in seconds. We checked out a few different coffee shops to escape from the weather, and identified a few places to have lunch and dinner.

Beer time. Pic by @sadiebelle_pics

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The Blue Lagoon

Our first trip was to the famous Blue Lagoon, which is like a giant natural spa of blue water that is naturally heated by hot thermal springs. It’s beautiful to behold as they blue water contrasts with the dark volcanic rock and hazy sky around it. Speaking of contrast, you get the exhilarating feeling of the being outside in the cold in just your swim shorts (did I mention I don’t really feel the cold?) which you can then counter by submerging yourself in the hot water which can be as hot as 39 degrees Celsius in certain pockets of the lagoon.

The whole experience was extremely relaxing, and given the time we could have spent hours there. We enjoyed beer and prosecco while sat with clay/mud face masks outside in the snow and hail but within the warm water. It was a surreal experience but amazing.

Because we were conscious of time, we spent only a couple of hours in the Lagoon before needing to head back for our 2nd trip of the day.

Mountain Taxi – Super jeep excursion

In the evening we had a super jeep excursion planned to “hunt” for the Northern Lights. The Super Jeep was HUGE and looked like it could drive in just about any environment. We weren’t completely convinced the trip was going to be on as it was snowing and hailing quite heavily while we were waiting in the hotel reception. However thankfully the weather settled down by the time the jeep arrived.

The trip was interesting, and our driver had some really interesting stories about the Northern Lights and Iceland, and some of the smaller towns. There was a lot of cloud cover that night and we were struggling to find a break in them, however eventually we had an opening and luck was on our side. There was a streak of aurora borealis across the sky, which to the naked eye looked like a strange cloud formation. It appeared grey, but had a strange texture and edges. However when we took long exposure photographs of it with our DSLR cameras, the greens really came through. Getting images was difficult in the environment; it was obviously very dark, the clouds were moving quickly, and it was very windy which caused the camera to shake on the tripod. Nonetheless I managed to get a few shots that I was really proud of.

The Golden Circle Trip

After a really busy day at the Blue Lagoon, and driving late into the night looking for the Northern Lights (we were out til about 1am) we struggled to get up at 6am for the Golden Circle Trip. However what a great trip it was! We were very lucky with our transport; it was a mini bus designed to hold about 20 people but it was only us and another couple from America so we could spread out as much as we wanted. This was a well received difference from the Super Jeep; as great as it was were packed in like sardines!

Once again our driver was giving us facts about Iceland and the sights as we were chauffeured around all the major tourist spots. On this trip we visited the Gullfoss waterfalls, the Geysirs and hot spring area, and Thingvellir National Park.

Sadie and I found the whole trip fascinating, and a dream for photography and filming. We were particularly excited about Thingvellir as we are Game of Thrones fans, and seeing the “Great Wall” and a few places where filming for the series had taken place was really interesting to see.

Just waiting for the next eruption…

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On the return back to the hotel, the American couple introduced us to one of their traditions where they enjoyed a shot of Fireball Whisky. I had to try it out, and I have to say I thought it was delicious! Being such a lightweight however, that small little bottle combined with tiredness pretty much finished me off for the day!

The trip was over much faster than we had hoped, and we felt like there was so much more to see and do. As such we’ll definitely go back again, hopefully for longer next time and explore more of the south of the Island.