So I decided to try just one day of the Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock’s daily routine; the same routine he did every day for 22 weeks to get into condition for the Hercules movie. This challenge involved:

  • Starting the day at 3:30am
  • Performing morning cardio
  • A morning weights/gym workout
  • 7 pre-prepared meals

I pieced together his routine from a combination of:

  • Video interviews on YouTube
  • The Rock’s Instagram
  • An article about his preparation for Hercules in an old Muscle & Fitness magazine. This included specific details about his diet, individual meals and his complete workout plan.

I spent a couple of days preparing everything that I would need for the day, including a huge grocery list which totalled nearly £40 for a single day of eating, and made the meals the night before the challenge. If you want to see how I get on, you can watch the video below. Needless to say it wasn’t a straight forward challenge, and I definitely have a new found respect for The Rock after trying this. The fact his was able to stick to this routine, while also going about his day filming and sticking to all of his media obligations is incredible. I attempted this on a relatively relaxed Saturday and I found it very hard.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!