In episode 8 of the Strive Mindset personal development podcast, I share my morning routine that I use to try and engineer a successful day. My morning routine involves 8 simple habits/steps that lead to a more productive and effective day by setting the right foundation. A lot of these habits have been created over time by instinct and trial and error; others have been purposely included based on my research into the morning habits and rituals of successful people.

A lot of the influencer’s for this routine include people like Tim Ferriss and Tony Robins, however in some respects I find their personal morning routines quite complex; or it not complex, impractical based on my own lifestyle and circumstances. As such I have opted for simple steps that I can easily follow and adhere to. More recently this has included inspiration from Aubrey Marcus (the founder of Onnit) and surprisingly to some, Mike Dolce, a strength and conditioning trainer and nutritionist that works with UFC fighters.

Overall this routine helps me feel great, and improves the likelihood of having a great day.