At Falkon Digital, we decided that this year we would throwdown a challenge to our fellow digital agencies and social media friends, with a friendly Christmas themed eating challenge! Picking a contender/representative, the aim is to eat 6 deep filled mince pies in the fastest time possible. Our Technical Director, Stephen Ludgate, completed the challenge is a respectable but definitely beatable time of 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Check out the video below!

Many have said that they expected more from Steve, as he is a lover of mince pies, and has been known for his eating exploits in the past. They also suggested that his time was poor, but as of yet, all he has heard back is talk. Talk is cheap. Will anyone take on the challenge to see if they can beat Steve’s time?

Personally I love a mince pie, but I’m notoriously bad at eating challenges, and the idea of eating 6 pies so quickly makes me feel a little queasy! If you take on the challenge, make sure you film your attempt and tag Falkon Digital into it on Social Media using the hashtag #mincepiethrowdown2018

To end, I have a quote from the man himself…

Talk is cheap. I will return with a faster time! Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

Fair enough.

I should also point out to those that don’t know, that Falkon Digital is my company. It’a web design and digital marketing agency based in Manchester, and as you can probably tell, we have started focusing a lot on video marketing. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as it was for us to make!