So I have wanted to start a podcast for a long time. In fact, I was so interested in the idea that about 2 years ago I spent a long time researching all of the best equipment for recording devices, microphones, headphones, amps etc and invested in a setup that could easily handle up to 4 guests at a time. The concept was that I wanted to create a podcast that focused around “digital” for my business, Falkon Digital, which could include regular discussions and guests from the digital community. I then created a 20 minute test to ensure that the setup worked, and was really pleased with the results and the quality. I couldn’t wait to get started, but then we became extremely busy at work. That combined with an office move, changes to staff, and a general issue with calendars and arranging¬†time slots for guests meant that the podcast got put on the back burner and eventually forgotten.

Last week I was catching up with the content of some of the YouTubers within my micro-community, and one of them had decided to start a podcast. His first post was just a solo introduction to the podcast and a little bit of information about him and what we could expect in upcoming content. I thought this was great, and it was the light bulb moment for me. I did some research and realised that there were quite a few people that created “solo podcasts”, and although I ultimately wanted guests, I thought this could be a gateway to get things moving.

So I spent some time thinking about how to get started, and I came up with the concept of the Strive Mindset. I have been searching for a single niche for my content for a long time, but I’ve been reluctant to box myself into a single topic. However I realised that all of my content (pretty much) could be defined as personal development/self improvement. So it made perfect sense to me to start a personal development podcast. The focus of this is primarily around fitness, but could just as easily include business, relationships and anything else. It also includes my thoughts on the Kaizen approach to continuous change, and making small, incremental, daily changes working towards a bigger goal. Essentially trying to be 1% better every day.

Of course, all of the podcasts are going to be filmed and shared on my YouTube channel. Once I have enough content (at least 3-4 episodes) I will then start to share them on platforms like iTunes for audio only downloads.

You can see my first episode here: