In this episode of the Strive Mindset Podcast, I’m joined by Jonathan Brooks from Brooks Power Systems to talk about injury prevention and how to rehabilitate from injury.

The episode goes into a lot of detail, but here are some of the topics that we covered:

  • The most common type of injury in the gym
  • How injuries happen
  • How you can prevent yourself from getting injured
  • How modern lifestyles impact susceptibility to injury
  • Is age a factor in injury rates?
  • Is it possible to rehabilitate any injury?
  • Are there injuries you can’t work with?
  • Are there injuries that require long term training adaptations?
  • How long can it take/should it take to rehabilitate from injury?
  • What does the rehab process look like?
  • How do you determine if a trainer is qualified/knows what they’re doing?
  • What common mistakes are made during the rehabilitation process?
  • Why rehab can be the best thing that can happen to you

You can watch the podcast below or listen to it from the Strive Mindset Podcast page, or even check it out on Spotify.