In this episode of the Strive Mindset Podcast, I’m joined by Matthew Hogan from M1Life. Matt spent 6 months training and dieting to get below 10% body fat, and now maintains a single digit body fat percentage year round. Among other things, I speak to Matt about how he achieved his low body fat results, and what he does to maintain it.

It was great to finally get a guest on the podcast, and to hear first hand about Matt’s experience and technique for achieving his results. Something I’m keen to point out to listeners, is that this podcast isn’t designed to provide a methodology, strategy or advice, but rather to find out insights into how Matt personally achieved and maintains his results.

How Matt got a low body fat percentage

Matt himself is keen to point out that worked for him, won’t necessarily work for other people, and that how he achieved it might not be the “optimal” way of doing it. That said, he believes that he achieved his results through hard work and consistency. Getting the initial results was extremely difficult, and one of the hardest things he has done. However he now finds it easy to maintain his results having achieved a certain level of both conditioning and mental discipline as a sustainable lifestyle.

I found this incredibly interesting, and I could have listened to Matt talk about this for much longer (and he could definitely have talked for longer!). I’m looking forward to getting Matt on the podcast again in the future, and if you want to listen to episode 3 then you can see the video below.