In episode 5 of the Strive Mindset personal development podcast, I discuss ways of creating a positive mindset. This includes examples of perception shifts, as well as how to deal with more difficult situations with positive thinking/a positive attitude. Overall they can help you to become more positive and happy.

I realised many years ago that I could control my own perception and mindset, and adjust the lens in which I viewed the world. In addition to this I also identified that certain people had a naturally very negative mindset, and others had a very positive mindset. Those with a positive “can-do” mindset were the most successful, and see every obstacle as a challenge that they needed to overcome.

In this video I share some of the ways in which I maintain a positive outlook, and how I deliberately created this.

You can watch the podcast below or listen to it from the Strive Mindset Podcast page, or even check it out on Spotify.