In this episode I share 7 of my daily habits and routines that I use every single day to improve effectiveness and productivity. This is another solo podcast where I share some of the strategies I use every day to help ensure it’s a “good day”. A lot of these habits were formed naturally over time, however some were deliberately formed as a result of education and finding out the routines of successful people.

The foundation of the day is setting up my mindset in the morning. Since recording this podcast I have actually further developed my morning routine, and I’ve realised more and more that how you start your day massively impacts how well you do in the rest of the day. Other aspects I cover in this podcast includes diet, processes I follow to help keep me organised and focused, exercise and daily activity, sleep, relaxing and how I switch off at the end of the day.

You can watch the podcast below or listen to it from the Strive Mindset Podcast page, or even check it out on Spotify.