Yesterday I took part in my 4th X-Runner event; a 10 km Obstacle Course Race, as part of a team with some of the guys from my company Falkon Digital. I feel like I have become a regular OCR runner now, certainly not a veteran, but I’m definitely familiar with the setup now. This was my 6th event in 3 years, having also completed a Born Survivor and Tough Mudder.

Despite knowing what to expect and how to train for an obstacle course race, I actually found the event quite tough. The course was very familiar to the same event from 2 years ago, and the mud section of the course is by far the toughest point. It’s draining wading through the mud, and it feels like you’re in it forever! My biggest concern was avoiding injury. My knee hasn’t been 100% right since I twisted it at Tough Mudder, and my ankle still feels very fragile after running with a sprain at the Conwy Half Marathon.  All of these things make me feel quite old sometimes!

That said, the event was fantastic fun and it was great team building completing it with the 3 other guys. Below is a video of the day. You may notice that 3 out of 4 of us were all wearing GoPro’s on the day so yes, there are 3 videos one each of our respective channels! If I’m honest, although I was first to get mine out (I was aware of the time sensitivity with YouTube), I think Steve’s video was the best. If you want to see it, there is a link to it in the video description.