For those of you that follow this blog or my YouTube channel, you will know that I started making videos to get better at talking to camera so I could make professional videos for my business – Falkon Digital. Video marketing is going to be huge in 2018, and I want to make sure I, my business, and my clients don’t miss out on this opportunity! Well the day has finally come, and I’ve started making videos for Falkon!

This is my first video, and it’s an introduction to video marketing; which seems incredibly well placed!

In this video I explain briefly what video marketing is, how it can benefit you, your brand or product, and then provide some different examples of the types of video marketing you can do.

This is the first video in what will be a series of new videos that I will be posting to the Falkon Digital YouTube channel, as well as uploading natively to Facebook and LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this video, check out the other videos on the channel and don’t forget to subscribe for more great content!