I’ve finally made it to the end of the 10 weeks for my weight loss mini series, and overall I’m happy with how it all went and the results. I think I’ve found what works well for me personally, and this was the easiest weight loss plan I’ve been on in a long time. After the last check in for episode 3 of my weight loss mini series, I was really hoping to ramp up the training and dial in the diet a bit more to get the most out of the remaining couple of weeks. Unfortunately I got sick (which is impressive for August) and I became very busy with work commitments. I was still able to lose weight by controlling my diet, but unfortunately training was significantly reduced; I think I only managed to get to the gym once in the final week!

You can see my results here:

My main goal for the next week is to keep the over eating and drinking to a minimum! This is going to be hard at an all inclusive holiday, but I want to be able to enjoy the week off. There’s going to have to be some damage limitation! Luckily our family holidays are quite active; we will be spending a lot of time swimming and exploring. I’ve also got some TRX cables and resistance bands that I take with me on holiday, so I can make the use of some of the extra calories I’ll be consuming!

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this series as much as I have making it. I’ve liked this plan and training, so I’m going to get straight back on it after my holiday. I would like to get leaner still and what results I’m capable of while still being on an easily sustainable diet and plan. If you would like to see more follow up episodes to this then let me know and I’ll make some more.