In episode 2 of my weight loss mini series I covered the nutrition protocol I was using, but I didn’t mention any of the supplements I used. A couple of people asked what products I use, so I thought I would cover it in a video. Note this video is the first to use my new intro and branding, so let me know what you think!

Now there isn’t going to be a weigh in or physique update in this video, as my final check in will take place this Saturday. However I’ve had a few friends say that they can tell I’ve lost weight, especially in my face – so thanks for that.  Looking through some of my older videos, they may have a point.

So I didn’t think I really used any supplements during the last 9 weeks, because I’ve not been drinking any protein drinks or anything. However on reflection I’ve been using quite a few. So I’ve categorised them into products I take every day, products I take regularly and products I use on occasion.

So the everyday supplements are:

  1. Multi-vitamins, and I take 2!
    1. I take a cheap Wellman sport copy from Tesco
    2. I also have a gummy multivitamin that I take like a sweet, by Natures Plus, called Source of Life Gold. Very tasty!
  2. Complete joint restore
    1. As much as I hate to admit it I’m getting older now, so I use a compete joint restore by Bulk Powders to help keep things moving
  3. Test Booster
    1. Again, I’m in my mid-thirties so I use a natural testosterone booster called Bulbine from bodybuilding warehouse
  4. Vitamin D
    1. I also take vitamin D to help with bone strength
  5. Omega
    1. And I take a super strength omega oils supplement too
  6. Creatine
    1. Finally I started taking creatine again about 3 weeks ago. I use good old monohydrate (5mg per day) in powder form in the morning, and I have tablets of creatine HCL that I take after a workout.

So as you can see it’s nothing crazy, and will probably look like a familiar stack to any of you fitness guys out there. But I haven’t really used protein shakes or pre-workout powders for quite a few weeks now.

In terms of the products I use regularly I do like BCAAs.  I use these intra workout, and if I train in the morning I sometimes have a drink like a NOCCO straight afterwards as I don’t tend to eat until about 1 or 2pm in the afternoon.  5 days a week I will also use a product called Dream, which I’ve reviewed before; it just helps you get a really good deep sleep.

The products I use on occasion include the odd protein bar here and there, or my particular favourite which is lemon zest protein pancakes from bodybuilding warehouse.

So that’s it – that is everything!  The only other thing I should mention is that I do drink a lot of coffee; I’m trying to limit myself to a maximum of 3 cups per day and none after 1pm (but that doesn’t always work out).

So I hope you found that video interesting, don’t forget to like the video, and if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe and the final update in the weight loss series will be going live around the weekend.