This is episode 3 of my 10-week mini series, covering my weight loss journey to get into shape for my holiday. At this point I am now 7 weeks in, and I’m making good progress.  I have lost 11.5 lbs so far (starting weight was 198.25 lbs, this weigh in I was 11.5 lbs) which is more than I expected as I was aiming for 1 lb per week. This particular episode covers the training I’ve been doing.

Here is the video of my update.


Rather than create content that was quite dry, I decided to push the envelope on my editing skills and create a short cinematic clip of the type of training I’ve been doing. I actually had to film this on my phone, but the video capabilities of the Samsung S8 are quite good, but it did struggle in some of the areas of low light in the gym.

In addition to the weight training I’ve been doing, I also started supplementing this with some body weight interval training workouts using an App called Freeletics.  I’ve been very impressed by this, and I will dedicate time to review this on it’s own after I’ve used it for a bit longer.

Hopefully you can see some changes in my appearance and physique; I feel much leaner, and I thought I would see a bigger difference on camera. 3 more weeks to go until the final check-in and then it’s holiday time!