So I’m now back from VidSummit 2017 in Los Angeles, and I’ve had time to reflect upon my time at the event. The first thing to mention is that I thought the conference was amazing. It was educational and completely inspiring listening to the speakers, and interestingly, the actual attendees themselves were mostly highly educated in the realms of video marketing and YouTube and provided huge amounts of tips and tactics from their own experience.

Overall there was just so much information to take in, I’m glad I paid for the Ultimate Pass to make sure I got access to the videos after the event. Not only is this useful to re-watch certain speakers, but it also gives me access to speakers I couldn’t see on the day (there were multiple speakers in different rooms – sometimes as many as three per time).

During the event, I also used this an opportunity to try daily vlogging. I created a video of each day of the Summit, and including the initial travelling to Los Angeles video, this was 4 days straight of daily vlogging. I actually found this extremely challenging, not just to film but also edit at the end of each day – it was a big undertaking, and I would need to seriously improve the speed and efficiency of my workflow if I was ever to do this again.

I’m going to be saving some of my insights on this for videos and post on my company website Falkon Digital, but below are the daily vlogs from the event. Day 3 is the best video as I had started to get into the swing of daily vlogging and found a format that worked.