As the owner of Online Marketing and Web Design agency and an avid YouTuber, video marketing is becoming more and important and fascinating to me. I like to consider myself a curious and analytical person, so reverse engineering the YouTube algorithm, and successful YouTube videos and channels is something I find fascinating. This is just one of the many subjects covered by some key online influencers in the video marketing community, one of which is Derral Eves. He has setup a new conference called VidSummit, and 2017 is the 4th annual event which is taking place in Los Angeles.

Having recently watched the replays from 2016, and seeing the calibre of people not only speaking at VidSummit, but also who is attending in the audience I knew this was something I had to get involved with. Once I’d cleared the costs and the time away from the office with my wife (and business partner) I bought tickets, flights and accommodation! I’ve never been to America before so getting Visas etc was all new to me, but exciting nonetheless.

The flight was direct from Manchester to LAX, and 11 hours in total! I decided that while I was away and with less responsibilities, this would be an opportunity to try daily vlogging where I can document my time away at VidSummit and travelling to LA.

I’ve just finished the first video from my hotel room at the Westin Hotel where VidSummit is taking place. You can see it below, and more videos will follow soon.