I was recently give the opportunity to review a product called V24 Shots, which is essentially a small “shot” of protein in a 6o ml bottle containing 97 calories and 24g of protein. The source of the protein is hydrolysed collagen, which means it requires no refrigeration, and can support health skin and joints. You can buy it from the V24 Shots website.

You can see my video review of V24 Shots here:

Overall I liked the product a lot. It comes in only one flavour (apple) but it’s tasty, and reminiscent of a pure concentrated apple juice taste.  Collagen is tasteless which makes it ideal for flavouring without the need to mask any bad flavours. Because the shot is only 60 ml and 97 calories, I found it really convenient to use. Initially I was using it as a quick post workout hit of protein, but I actually started to use it as a pre-workout. Because the shot was so small and seemed to be digested easily, I could take it just 10-15 minutes before a workout with no issue, whereas I would like at least 30 minute to 1 hour if drinking a conventional whey protein.

The source of the collagen is pork, and I would assume the reason for this is that is like likely to cause allergies as porcine collagen is very similar to human collagen.  Approx 3% of people are allergic to i.e. bovine collagen from cows. This means that if you’re Muslim or vegan you won’t be able to use this product.  Because the product is listed as being dairy free a few people didn’t realise that this wasn’t suitable for vegans.

To find out more about this product and my final thoughts on it, make sure you watch the video above.