If you’ve ready any of my early blog posts or watch some of my previous videos on my YouTube channel, you will know that I have some very old tribal tattoos.  I thought they were great when I was 17, and now at 35 I find them to be largely associated with gym bros and I started to dislike them greatly. Now although I don’t regret getting the tattoos, I did wish there was something more I could do with them.

Most tattoo artists suggested laser surgery to get rid of/or fade the tattoo before attempting a cover up. In a previous video I tried one session, and decided it wasn’t for me. It looked like it would take a lot of sessions, cost, and most importantly healing to remove the tattoos. As such I became concerned about what condition my skin would actually be in at the end.

In January I discovered a new tattoo studio that had opened up locally in Knutsford. This was part of a bigger group of studios, one of which I had been following for a while on Facebook because they had many examples of covering tribal tattoos successfully. I went for a consultation and they believed they could cover it with the design I wanted. Below is a video of the 10 hour session and the results!