You may recall that I have previously had an old tribal tattoo covered up on my right arm. It was done by a fantastic tattoo artist by the name of SebastianNastyArt at Salvation Tattoo in Knutsford. Wellnow 11 months later, I’ve finally got around to getting the second tribal tattoo on my left arm covered up! This time it was covered with a Japanese Oni Mask design to contrast with the Samurai design.

Unfortunately on the day I was meant to be booked in for an all day session, I woke up suffering from a bad case of flu (which I took nearly 3 weeks to recover from!). I tried to reschedule, however because it was last minute I would have forfeited my deposit which was £300! As such I had to give it a try, and this lead to some major problems on the day! You can find out the full details in the vlog below.

As you can see from the thumbnail, I got the tattoo finished in one day but it was definitely touch and go for a bit! I’m thrilled with the cover up job though, and I think the design is a huge improvement on the tribal tattoo design. It looks like a few bits of the old design might be slightly showing through, but they will be covered up with some touch ups in a “second pass” which I describe in more detail in the video.