We’re now nearly half way through 2017, and I wanted to create a list of the top 10 fitness trends that I’ve picked up on so far this year.

1. Mobile Apps

The first trend is perhaps a fairly obvious one, but mobile apps are becoming more and more useful for fitness enthusiasts. Apps like Freeletics offer complete easy to follow workout programs which you can take anywhere. There are also other applications that indirectly are having a big increase on fitness like Pokemon Go.

2. Social Competition

Social competition is helping to make people more active, and a good example of this is FitBit challenges. Inviting groups of your friends to take part in challenges such as the work week hustle and weekend warrior can have a big impact on your overall activity while trying to keep up with your friends – or even beating them!

3. Supplements

2017 has seen an increase in the diversity of supplements, specifically protein fortified sweets and candies. However a big upcoming trend is Nootropics, designed at improving brain power and cognitive function. These are proving to be popular with students around exam time, but also with business professionals and CEO’s who want that extra edge during the working day and for important meetings.

4. Wearable Tech

Wearable tech was a big trend for 2016, but these are now even more popular as people want to measure everything from sleep, to daily activity and their heart rates. Wearable tech has improved from simple step counters, to full smart devices like the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear. The next generation of wearable tech promises to offer even more.

5. Vlogging

Vlogging is a growing trend in general, however the fitness industry seems to be experiencing a huge amount of growth in 2017. This ranges from your professional athletes through to the everyday fitness enthusiast of all ages and backgrounds. Professional athletes now seem to constantly have a camera crew following them round and creating regular video content for their subscribers.

6. Plant-based Diet

The plant based diet movement has really built momentum in the last couple of years, as people have realised it’s not only healthy, but it can also be very tasty and capable of providing all the nutrition you need even in bodybuilding terms. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by some big companies, with an explosion of vegan restaurants opening and lots of brands creating meat and dairy free alternatives. I expect more and more people to adopt this way of eating in 2017.

7. Sleep Improvement

Everyone knows the importance of sleep, but most fail to get the quality and quantity of sleep needed for optimal health and recovery. 2017 has seen an increase in the sales of sleep aid products, as well as some quite out there classes such as “napercise”. Good quality sleep can have a profound effect on your life, so again I’m expecting this to become a growing trend.

8. Cryotherapy

Popular with celebrities and professional athletes, Cryotherapy involves a special chamber that drops to as low as -90 degrees Celsius for just a few minutes to illicit some positive reactions in the body. The process is quite niche and expensive, costing around £100 for just a short session, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with those that can afford it, as they are apparently lots of benefits of doing it.

9. Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulators aren’t anything new, and I myself have a Compex machine designed to assist with everything from rehab, massage, muscular endurance and even hypertrophy. Machines like this are becoming more common place with physios across the country, and lots of professional football clubs and athletes swear upon the benefits of using them. Machines like Compex are expensive and relatively unknown in the UK compared to more basic stimulators like the Slendertone. However they had a large presence at Bodypower UK in May and I think we’re going to see much more of them in 2017.

10. Fitness Events

Finally we’re seeing a huge increase in both the quantity and size of fitness events, most noticeably events like Obstacle Course Races. Popular events include Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, X-Runner, Born Survivor and even Bear Grylls has his own survival race. The events are designed to test not only your physical endurance, but also your mental strength and teamwork. These are popular with both experienced runners and every day gym goes looking to challenge themselves.