This is a product review of the AMIR wake up light/Sunrise simulation alarm clock.  A while ago I became interested in improving my sleep as you will see from other videos, and I discovered that Sunrise simulation alarm clocks – or wake up lights – were scientifically proven to help set circadian rhythms and reduce sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is waking up with that groggy, still-half-asleep feeling.

Now this on top of the fact I hate being abruptly woken by loud alarm noises, piqued my interest.

Now if you’ve ever been camping, you’ll know that in the morning when the sun shines through your tent it wakes you, you become wide awake, and it’s almost impossible to get back to sleep. This light simulate a similar effect.

Here are some interesting studies about dawn simulation studies:

So looking for the wake up lights online they were all quite expensive, averaging at around £100, so I just sidelined the idea for a while. However recently I was introduced to a wake up light by a company called AMIR, which had lots of cool functions and was only £24 from Amazon. You can view the product here:

AMIR Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock


For the price I was very impressed with all the functionality the light had, and how easy it was to use. Setting the time and the alarm was simple to do, as was choosing the brightness of the display and the alarm sounds. There are lots of other functions on the clock such as an FM radio, and sunset setting, but I haven’t used them yet.

The light has 10 different levels of brightness increasing up to a total brightness of 140 Lux, which increases slowly 30 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, simulating a natural sunrise.

Now 140 Lux while quite bright, is actually significantly less than some of the really premium wake up lights which go as high as 700 Lux. However as long as the light is close to you, like on your bedside table, it seems fine and was certainly bright enough to wake me up; but admittedly I don’t have a benchmark for comparison for this.

When the light reaches the alarm time, it plays one of 6 pre selected sounds. Personally I preferred the bird song or the crashing waves, but the length of the sound bites could certainly benefit from being longer and more gradual in volume.

The clock runs off the mains, but has a battery in the back to prevent the clock from being reset in the event of a power cut, which I thought was a nice feature.

After using this for two weeks I’ve definitely found it easier to get up in the morning, and I have much less sleep inertia, which is something I’ve suffered with, in the past; I’m a heavy sleeper and it can take me a long time to come round.

I’m definitely going to keep using the wake up light, and I would recommend it as a good starter light given the price.