The story behind my bodybuilding transformation is probably very familiar to a lot of people in their mid-thirties. I went from being a very active person that regularly trained in the gym, ate well, competed at a high level in sports and just naturally looked in good shape. However when I hit my thirties, I got married, bought a house, I had children, setup a new business… basically I became super busy! I stopped looking after myself, ate junk food, and before I knew it I was skinny-fat and unhappy!

I started dedicating some time to training again but it wasn’t easy and progress was slow. I ended signing up to a 12-week transformation challenge with a company called M10, and lost lots of weight and started to get back into good shape. However at the end of the 12-weeks I felt lean but skinny. So for the next 18-months I tried to add as much lean mass as possible using a local personal trainer.

I was pleased with my progress but I felt I needed a clear goal. I decided to arrange a photoshoot with a well respected Fitness Photographer called Chris Bailey aka Bailey Image. He frequented magazines such as Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine, and I was well aware of his work because he was the recommended photographer by M10.  I arranged a shoot with him but due to his availability I only had 9 weeks to get into the shape of my life! The fear of being even slightly out of shape for a photographer used to taking snaps of professional fitness models kept me super dedicated, and overall I was happy with how I looked at the end. I would have loved an extra 2-3 weeks to really nail my physique, but it set a really good benchmark for the future.

All of this took place in 2015, before I started vlogging so sadly I have no videos of my progress. However I did take a lot of photos so I put together a short and snappy before and after video showing my progress over the 9 weeks. You can see it here.