So following on from my review of the Lexus RC300h F Sport, I was given the opportunity to review another car in the Lexus range; the Rx450h Premier. This is Lexus’ mid-size hybrid SUV model with the higher level trim. Other SUVs in their range include the NX which is smaller, and the GX and LX models which are larger.

Now there are lots of reviews for the Lexus RX450h, so rather than creating something similar and very technical, I decided to review this as a business professional and a family man. The focus of my review was on practicality and feel based on the 3 days that I had the car. You can see the review here:

In the video you can see that overall I was very impressed with the RX450h.  The key points were:

  • It looks great, I love the design, styling and colour
  • The inside has a really high level finish, and there is every gadget you could ever want in a car
  • My favourite tools in the car were the wireless phone charger, heads up display and panoramic 360 parking system
  • The panoramic roof was amazing
  • The car was surprisingly nimble, fast and enjoyable to drive
  • The economy was surprising for such a big car
  • The boot space was surprisingly small, but this is due to the location of the battery.
  • There is so much room inside, overall it is a great choice for a family car

The kids loved the car too; it was really comfy for them in the back and they liked all the extra space and leg room. The only thing that would stop me personally from buying the car is the price tag, with the cheapest model starting at around £48,645.00 and the Premier model coming in at £59,645.00. However if you’re in the market for an SUV, you should definitely experience a Lexus for yourself.