Lexus Stoke recently held a “Luxury Lifestyle Event” at Crewe Hall to showcase it’s latest super car, the LC500.  Now I wouldn’t normally be invited to things like this, but my company Falkon Digital designed and developed the website for the event, so the Falkon team were welcome to visit on the day! Of course I filmed the event as a vlog.

You can see my vlog of the day here:

The event was really well organised, and included partner companies Cheshire Watch, The Diamond Suite, West Nautical, and the Lexus Stoke’s charity the Stoke City Community Trust. Crewe Hall was a great location for such an event, and I couldn’t help but film some of the interior for my vlog which was fascinating to see.

A large range of Lexus cars were also onsite for viewing and test driving on the day, including a Lexus LFA. However all the attention was on the 2 Lexus LC500 models that were present.  There was yellow LC500h, which is the hybrid model and a red LC500 V8.  I got to have a test drive in the LC500h Hybrid which was lots of fun.  The two models can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.7 and 4.4 seconds respectively, and are beautifully designed both in their exterior and interior.

The video contains footage of the event and the cars, as well as some test footage from my new DJI spark using the remote controller. I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I enjoyed attending and filming.