A lot of people recently have been talking about James McAvoy, in particular a photo taken of him seemingly leaving the gym looking pretty buff and with a fresh buzz cut. A lot of information was shared about how he managed to get into good shape regarding his training and diet plan, and so I did some research of my own to find out a bit more. You can see the video of this below:

James McAvoy didn’t eat 6,000 calories per day

Following the release of this video, James addressed the 6,000 calorie diet on his Instagram social media account saying that this was something that was taken out of context. He claimed that although he was eating a lot of food, he wasn’t actually tracking calories so has no idea how much he ate but suggests it was a lot less than 6,000 calories per day. In hindsight, this sounds much more likely given his size, and from the information I could find regarding his diet I would estimate that his daily calorie intake would be closer to maybe 3,000 – 3,500 calories per day.

He used professional trainers

Another statement that seems to be taken out of context is that he said he trained himself after Googling the term “good way to put on muscle quick”. Although this may have been true years ago for some of his earlier films, since then he has been using professional trainers, which in the video is something I identified from some of his social media posts.

All of this training and dieting has been done to bulk up for his role in the upcoming sequel to Split and Unbreakable, and from the pictures I’ve seen on set and on social media he looks like he’s in great shape.