I was recently given the opportunity to review a new health and fitness subscription box by a company called Fit For You; I’ve reviewed quite a few of these boxes before including Muscle Crate and Gym Crate, so I was interested to see how these stacked up. You can see my full review of the box in the video below.

Overall I was impressed with the box, especially for the price of £16.99 (typically they range from £18 – £25 depending on the brand) and the contents felt like good value, especially when you take into account the nutritional information and 4 week training plan. As mentioned in the video the content and products seem like they’re aimed at the newer gym goer, but saying that I did make the avocado smash over the weekend; my daughter and I loved it!

Using the discount code LUKE20 you can also get 20% off your first box, which brings the price down to £13.59 which is a bargain.

I’ve almost eaten all the protein bars that came in the box, and I’m about to start making my way through the proteins/pre-workouts, and realistically the box contents last about 1-2 weeks. However my favourite aspects about these boxes are:

  • You can try supplements you might not otherwise get to experience
  • It’s a nice treat/surprise when they arrive in the mail (you normally forget about them)
  • They can work out to be quite good value on a cost per item basis

So if you want to give them a try, you check them out at http://www.fitforyoubox.com/