So I always try to make sure that every time we book a holiday we try and go somewhere new. However last year we had a superb holiday at a hotel called Bahia Principe in Costa Adeje in Tenerife, and so this year we made the decision to go back! I think we made the right decision! One thing about going back to somewhere you know, is that we all settled really quickly and we knew where everything was (like the bar) and what to expect.

Of course, I made a video (it’s becoming a tradition) which you can see below:

Although the kids really wanted to spend the entire time swimming in the pool, we ventured out of the hotel grounds a few times. One of my highlights last year was taking a trip out on the Freebird One catamaran.  This is a 3-4.5 hour trip out whale and dolphin spotting, enjoying the sea, and even stopping at a nice coastal spot for a swim! Last year we were really lucky spotting the dolphins, but this year we didn’t see any. However we did spot a little family of whales which was fascinating and really exciting for the kids.

We also visited the Jungle Park which is a really nice zoo with lots of animals to see and an amazing bird of prey show. Everyone always recommends that we visit Siam Park, however the kids aren’t quit big enough for the water park yet so we will save that until they’re a bit older.

Now for the geeky tech stuff!  A lot of people were impressed by the footage quality so I have detailed the tech I used:

  • All the underwater shots were filmed on my GoPro Hero 4.
  • All the shots on the catamaran were filmed on the GoPro 5.
  • Any dry/on land shots were filmed using my Canon 70D with a 10-18mm lens
  • The shots with the very deep bokeh/depth of field were filmed on my wife’s Canon 5D mkiii with a 70-200mm lens

All the footage was filmed at 50 fps where possible and at 1080p.  The GoPro footage was filmed at 2.7k and down sampled to 1080p.  The footage was all edited and colour graded in Adobe Premiere CC.

I hope you enjoyed the video!