We have started a new vlog series for Falkon Digital which we have called Falkon Fridays!  We try to release a video every week on a Friday at 12pm; there have been a few occasions when we haven’t been able to do this, but so far we have released a video 7 times out of 9 which isn’t bad for a small but busy web agency!

The videos have been quite well received so far, and provide a small window and insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Falkon HQ. The most recent video was taken from the the 2nd week in November (episode 7), and focused around mine and Jon’s birthday. We both share the same birthday as does Sadie and Chris in the office which is very strange.

You can see the latest episode here:

The videos are just a bit of fun an aim to increase the awareness of our brand, and they are relatively quick to make so long as we remember to film during the week! It’s easy to forget when we get busy…