Despite vlogging and making videos on my YouTube channel for over a year, I had never really created one of those “day in the life” vlogs of a normal working day. Sure, I’ve vlogged certain days such as when I spent the day driving an Audi R8, or when I attended BodyPower but never on a normal day. My thoughts were always that my days are generally very structured, and therefore repetitive, and I’m not sure how interesting this content would be for a potential viewer.

However I decided that actually, insights into my day might be interesting to some people, and that how captivating this content is would depend largely on my creativity when it came to filming and editing.  You can see the vlog here:

In order to help tell the story without explaining everything, I broke up key scenes with some cinematic style cut scenes or B-Roll.  The journey for my day was:

  • My morning routine, leaving the house early and getting to the gym
  • My training session at the gym, which was a full body workout to get back into the swing of things after nearly 3 weeks off
  • A 9 am client meeting at my business, Falkon Digital, which is a web design and online marketing agency
  • Various bits of office banter
  • An insight into what I ate for lunch, which was a prepared meal in tuppaware
  • A taste test! I picked up a vegan protein doughnut by a company called Rawtox.
  • Snippets of a teleconference and a timelapse of how I work at my desk
  • Some parcels arrived from Amazon which I opened, and this included a new Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal
  • I then setup the gimbal with my Samung Galaxy S8+ and captured some test footage

It was quite surprising how much footage I captured in the day, and how much editing was needed.  Overall it was quite good fun, and if the video is well received I will likely make another one. However rather than trying to do it all in one day, next time I think I will capture a few things each day and maybe compile the best bits at the end of the month.