If you watch any of my videos, you may notice I have a friend that features in quite a lot of my Vlogs called Matt. He has his own YouTube channel called M1 Life that has become almost entirely car focused. Well in Matt’s latest video, he has chosen to review his dream car, the Audi R8, and he asked if wanted to come along and help out with the filming. Of course I jumped at the chance to spend the day with my mate in super car, and I decided that I would also film a behind the scenes video. For those of you that maybe don’t know what’s involved in filming a video like this, I thought it would be quite interesting. You can see the video here:

Once we picked up the R8 we drove to the Evo Triangle; this is voted one of the greatest driving roads and it seemed like a great place to test the car and get some good footage! The weather unfortunately let us down as it was very wet all day, but this was potentially also a good thing as it ensured we drove sensibly and carefully, and it also meant there was very few other cars on the road which was good for filming.

Matt became quite stressed at various points in the day by the weather and technical issues with filming. Of course being the supportive friend that I am, I probably made this much worse by pointing this out and laughing at him relentlessly – it makes for an amusing video though!

Driving the R8 was great fun. I realised that I haven’t driven a manual car in nearly 5 years when I got in the driving seat, but it all came back to me once I got past a hairy hill start. Matt wanted to film a lot of driving exterior shots himself, which meant I got to drive the car on my own as I drove past him on the country lanes.

Make sure you check out Matt’s final video review on his channel, as well as an outtakes video where you get to see yet further banter between us!