Back in August 2016, I was asked if I would like to test drive the new Lexus RC300H F Sport from the perspective of a business user or commuter. The RC300H is a Hybrid Coupe sports car, which has some beautiful styling and is packed with features. I think there is a hint of Aston Martin to the design, and knowing the German competitor cars well (I’ve owned both BMW 3 Series M Sport and Mercedes C250 AMG Sports Plus models) I couldn’t help but make comparisons between them.

You can see my video review here:

I only had the car for a day, so I had to make a lot of quick judgements about it. However I really enjoyed driving the car, and I loved the interior and exterior styling, and it really helped that I was test driving the F Sport derivative. On returning to my BMW, a lot of features felt a lot less sophisticated after getting quickly accustomed the Lexus. The Lexus wasn’t without it’s faults, as I didn’t like the SatNav system or the accompanying track pad. The system just seemed very dated in design, and although the track pad was fine while stationary, it was not easy to use while driving. A dial, although a bit more primitive, is very easy to use without requiring much attention.

The boot, rear passenger space and the fact that it is a 2-door coupe meant that it was too impractical for me as a family man (although I would have this car in a heartbeat!), however as an executive car it would be perfect.

I had never really considered Lexus as a viable alternative to German manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes and BMW before, however if you’re in the market for a new exec car I would highly recommend test driving a Lexus.