After starting a YouTube channel a few months ago, I thought it would good fun to do a “collab” video. A few fellow YouTuber’s have suggested organising one which I’ve been genuinely interested in doing, but we’ve never really followed through any further than discussing what we might do. Well last week I ended up taking a trip down to Essex with my friend Matt, who has a channel called M1 Life, to meet up with a YouTuber from Spain also called Matt with a channel called New You Fitness.

Matt from New You Fitness is originally from Essex, but has been living in Spain with his Fiancé. He returned for a few weeks for his wedding, so while he was in the country we organised a trip down to see him. We had only ever spoken with Matt through video challenges and online messaging, so as we approached Essex we suddenly became concerned that we had no idea who this guy was. Would he be the nice, charismatic chap he appeared to be on camera or would be be psychotic? Thankfully, he was just as he seemed online and together we filmed a chest & back training session at Titan’s Gym in Rayleigh. I filmed the back session and Matt filmed the chest session.  You can see my video below, and there is a link to his video in the description.

We had a great session, but unfortunately our time was limited as we had to make our way back home on the same day. However we managed to get some fun aerial footage of some post-workout cardio using a Phantom 3 drone before heading home. I’m looking forward to arranging the next session, and in 2017 I’m hoping to organise a group obstacle course race such as Tough Mudder which should be great fun.